Our mission is to inspire racing enthusiasm, advance the sport, and strengthen the racing community.


It started with an idea, then transformed into a passion for building racing cars  with the utmost quality and attention to detail to meet the needs of our customers. 


About RKT Motorsports


passionate about rally and pushing the limits of the cars,
RKT is able to establish itself as a cornerstone of Rally progress.


grassroots rally

Local Rally Cross in Apple Hill, NY
Circa 1999


Loaded up for 2003 100 acre wood

Green Evo 4: Martin Donnelly
White WRX-RA: Ex-Prodrive Rally Car - Colin McRae's Recce Car


2008 Rally America NEFR

Driver: Niall McShea 2005 Production World Champion
Co-Driver: Marshall Clarke
Winners of 2008 Rally America NEFR



Okemo Hill Climb 2014

Staff Event Day
Evo 6 and Evo 9 SP


2013 Baie des Chaeluer

Driver: Hardy Schmidtke
Co-Driver: John Hall



Pre-Rally Defi 2015

Test day for brand new build
Evo X Production


2014 Pacific Forest Rally

Driver: Hardy Schmidtke
Co-Driver: John Hall
Driver: Boris Djordjevic
Co-Driver: Chris Kremear

Our Work